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Ai Weiwei, Pelukis Kontemporer China, Lukisan 4 Dimensi

Ai Weiwei, Pelukis Kontemporer China, Lukisan 4 Dimensi 
Hmm... saya teringat kembali dengan salah satu film favorit saya: Chronicles of Narnia setelah melihat lukisan kontemporer China ini. Ai Weiwei, pelukis 53 tahun membawa Anda ke sebuah dunia 4 dimensi. Jangan terkejut jika tiba-tiba saja seekor singa besar melompat di depan Anda.  Ini fantastis. Saya menjadi bingung di mana posisi saya berdiri antara kenyataan dan imajinasi.
Famous fantasy: this image inspired by the chronicles of narnia is a striking example of the 4d art on offer in china
Cartoonish quality: pinocchio's nose juts out from the canvas, allowing this lady to pose as part of the picture for her own photo
Cupid's arrow: the ability interact with the paintings for photographs has been a major draw to the exhibition in jilin
It's not black and white: even when you know the tricks the artists are employing, you can still be taken in by the levels of depth perception in the images
Beyond the pail: could this kind of interactive art experience spark a feeding frenzy and replace a trip to the farm?
Plane impressive: this image, taken on the side, gives the impression this adventurous art lover is skydiving with the subject of the painting
What's the catch? these girls managed to hook a bear on the end their salmon during a quiet day's fishing at the jilin gallery

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