Jumat, Januari 2

Sianok Canyon

Sianok Canyon is a steep valley (ravine), which is located in the heart of the city of Bukittinggi, West Sumatra. This valley stretching from the south and curvaceous canyon Koto Gadang up in the Canyon Sianok Six tribe, and ended up Palupuh. Canyon Sianok has beautiful scenery and become one of the main tourist attraction of the province.

This chasm in about 100 m extends 15 km along with about 200 m wide and is part of the fault which separates Sumatra island into two parts lengthwise (Semangko fracture). This fault scarp, which form the walls, even upright and establish a green valley - results from the skin of the earth movement down - The River of Sianok that the water is clean. In the Dutch colonial era, this chasm referred to as buffalo, because of the large number of wild buffalo that live freely in the basic canyon.

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